CORTE is a point of reference in the collection and sorting service of recyclable waste, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, in dismantling and demolition of industrial plants and in transport and logistics.

The various operations are carried out by specialized personnel, with the help of high-precision technology and machinery.


  • Trade in ferrous scrap and metals.
  • Trade secondary raw materials.
  • Management of public and private service contracts.
  • Management of construction sites, industrial demolitions, naval and railway demolitions.
  • Demolition and disposal of military facilities and equipment.
  • Collection and transport services for non-hazardous waste, including the fill in of transport documents (waste forms and Annex VII).
  • Management of special, dangerous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Waste treatment: sorting and selection, disassembling, shearing, cutting with flame, pressing, shredding and screening.
  • Specialist labor services, preparation of material to be transported with the aid of specific equipment.
  • Transport for third parties.
  • Supply in use, rental of tanks, roll-off containers of various sizes.
  • Production and trade of End of Waste scrap
  • WEEE collection and treatment

The company is able to operate on any type of scrap, guaranteeing a wide range of final products that can be placed on the national and foreign market, following step by step the needs of its customers and suppliers.

Added to this are the keeping of the waste loading and unloading registers, the fill in of the transport forms and the Single Annual Declaration Model (MUD), entrusted to a highly scrupulous and qualified staff.

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