Among the strengths of CORTE, logistics. By rail, by road and by river, on national and international territory.

In compliance with the most strict EU regulations in the field of transportation, brokering, trade and management of waste and third party plants, the company has all the necessary authorizations for the safe collection of ferrous and non-ferrous material, even in large quantities, using a network of specialized, equipped and authorized transport companies.

The head office in Buja manages all the external teams that use the equipment and the supplied means, with the guarantee of timely and efficient solutions, a complete and  impeccable service, from demolition on site to recovery, from sorting to marketing of the product.


Respect for the environment,
security and legality are
the prerogatives of CORTE.


Avant-garde technology, latest-generation machinery, special equipment, vehicles suitable for waste transportation.

CORTE has a hi-tech equipment and an adequate fleet to fulfill all the operations of the management of scrap and ferrous and non-ferrous materials, from transport to collection, from sorting to demolition, from dismantling to storage.

To guarantee the customer a precise  and timely service, with the advantages of flexibility, quality and safety.

  • Vehicles authorized pursuant to current legislation for the collection of ferrous and non-ferrous materials from suppliers and deliveries to customers in Italy and abroad.
  • Trucks equipped with hydraulic crane for loading and picking up of the material directly on the storage site, in Italy and abroad.
  • Trucks equipped with interchangeable roll-off containers of various sizes that are deposited at the suppliers’ plants for the collection of waste.
  • Trucks with tipper semitrailer for loading and transporting waste.
  • Hydraulic shears for demolitions.
  • Mobile and fixed hydraulic presses for conditioning the material on site.
  • Continuous cycle hydraulic press-shear plant.
  • Self-propelled loaders for loading and picking up of material and forklifts.
  • Platform truck for loading of non-standard machines and pieces / machines
  • Interchangeable roll-off containers of various sizes located at the suppliers’ plants.
  • Fixed radiometric portal and portable detectors for the identification and proper disposal of any radioactive materials.
  • Bridge mounted on fixed structures and electromagnets for the selection of metal fractions.
  • Weighing bridge for vehicle weighing.
  • Workbenches and pneumatically operated equipment for dismantling and securing WEEE (e-waste)
  • Fixed mill for crushing ferrous scrap with magnetic separator.
  • Screen for the granulometric separation of the crushing residue.
  • Fixed electromagnetic sorting machine for the selection of non-ferrous metals.
  • Flame cutting station.