Legality ratings, Corte S.p.A. is a starry company

After the assessments made by the Competition and Market Authority and its subsequent decision, Corte S.p.A. has been included in the list of Companies with Legality Rating, with the score of ** +.

The legality rating is a new instrument introduced in 2012 (Article 5ter of Legislative Decree 1/2012 of the so-called Cresci Italia Decree), modified by Law No. 62/2012, with the aim of promoting ethical principles in the business behavior of companies.

The recognition is therefore aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior in the business environment through the assignment of a judgment on the compliance with the law of the companies that have requested it and, more generally, on the degree of attention given to the correct management of own business.


Thanks to this recognition, Corte S.p.A. has been included in the list of companies with the legality rating required by art. 8 of the Regulation of attribution in the national territory, with n. RT 9134.

The rating is valid for two years and is issued by AGCM-Competition and Market Authority.

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